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5 Adult Designs! Each unique design comes in 2 colours
Runner - Biker - Walker- Dog Walker - Baby Walker
3 Children's designs! Each design comes in 2 colours
VESTI is a brand new highly visible reflective vest designed for every day activities. VESTI allows you to be seen from as far away as 145 meters or 475 feet! VESTI can be worn over any active wear from a t-shirt to a winter coat. VESTI is designed to be exceedingly more reflective than any other product on the market! The high performance material is actually worked into the fabric for enhanced appearance, comfort, and safety. VESTI is water resistant, breathable, washable, lightweight, and made from quick dry material. Designed for biking, walking, running, dog walking and for any outdoor activity.
  • DID YOU KNOW Over 30% of Canadian families own a dog? Dog owners are out walking the dog early mornings and late at night when visibility is poor. VESTI pockets are perfect for dog treats and scoop bags.
  • DID YOU KNOW Biking has become the latest craze across Canada with mass participant events taking place across the country that attract literally thousands of novice bikers. They all need a VESTI.
  • DID YOU KNOW that reflective gear is an all-important and essential accessory for any outdoor enthusiasts at any age. VESTI is a timely solution for improved visibility and safety.